Our School admits pupils from Creche, Toddlers, Pre-Schools, Kindergartens, and Grade 1-5.  We run an age appropriate structure in which children are admitted into classes based on their ages on the last birthday.  However, an admission examination is conducted for all new entrants into Grade 1-5 to ascertain their learning levels.


School Activities


School activities are: Cultural Day, Fun Day, Spelling Bee Day, Parent –Teacher Conferences, Reading Parents Time, Grandparents Day,  Seminar for Parents, Parents Prayer Morning, Field Trips, Book Day, Pyjamas Day, Valentine Day, Mothers Day, Fathers day,  Children day, Independence Day and Christmas Concert among so many others.


School Clubs

School clubs at Winfield include: Art and Craft, Taekwondo, Ballet, Soccer, Instrumentation, French, Mad Science, Chess, Scramble, and Ballet, Diction, Swimming, Library, French, Drama, Young Engineers Club and Soap Making e.t.c

The School Days:


Our school days runs from Monday through Friday.


The Crèche           –      6.00am till 7:00pm


Toddlers               -      7:00am till 2:pm


Children House      -      7:00am till 2:pm


Elementary           -      7:00am till 3:pm


We also invite you to attend a tour of the school either before or immediately after applying. Please call 07059889425, 08077704460 08023852113 or email to schedule a tour